I started using this properly last week in an attempt to get a more real picture of what and how much I eat. I don't want to be a long-term calorie counter but I'm after losing a little body fat (for vanity reasons only....) and also since I sometimes struggle with mood, energy, the odd light headed spell I wanted to have a look at the macros.

Last week it said my total iron was 27%, and calcium was 32%. I don't want to get TOO hung up on the numbers but at the same time I thought my diet was pretty good, lots of red meat, greens, Greek yoghurt a few times a week.
Am I misunderstanding the readings or am I really potentially that low on minerals? It's looking to go the same this week. Is is just a potential issue with primal eating that we need to work extra hard to get everything because we exclude fortified cereals, breads etc and a lot of dairy?

A typical day's eating at the mo looks like this -

Breakfast - half a frittata (100g minced beef, peppers, 1.5 eggs per portion) OR 200g Greek yoghurt plus a Nakd bar if I'm stuck for prep time, plus a banana and/or 1/2 cup fresh coconut if still hungry
Lunch - mixed salad with pork/chicken, piece of fruit
Dinner - meat/fish, mixed veg, cooked with butter/olive oil/coconut oil. If I have dessert it's either dark choc, berries and cream or Greek yoghurt with a bit of fruit

Thanks for any insights!