Before going low carb, I never experienced this. It's too coincidental to just happen after switching to a higher fat diet. My arms are very numb and weak especially my left arm (I generally lack strength and stamina after going low carb, maybe something is going on with my muscles). It's very cold and weak and I know my doctor will discourage me to continue.

I am a month into a low carb diet and have encountered a heap of problems. My energy and concentration are back to normal but still not *fully* there, whereas my muscles are getting worse. I take potassium magnesium omega 3 and calcium supplements daily. I don't take any other medication. Am I eating too much fat? Too little carbs? I'm a young, healthy male pre-low carb and see no issues contributing to this other than the diet. I eat 150-200g of fat a day (I eat dairy products everyday), 120g protein and 25g carbs. Too much fat? Cut the dairy? Give it time? I am seriously thinking about incorporating some berries and more veggies and try and hit 50g of carbs a day, as well as reducing the fat and protein slightly because my blood circulation is really poor. Any suggestions? I am not overweight or diabetic. I also drink a gallon of water a day as well as consume enough sodium. There is no other explanation and my case sounds rare but I don't think my body can properly cope with the high amounts of dietary fat. I would really appreciate some suggestions.