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Thread: Flour alternatives primal or not...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    For instance, "corned beef" is called that because it traditionally was made by packing meat in grains of salt the size of cereal grains.
    Aye that's true, but we don't really use the word corn as a blanket term for grains. The term "grain" includes corn. Corn to us is corn on the cob, sweet corn, corn tortillas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by j3nn View Post
    I have made gluten-free yeast bread with GF all-purpose flour and it rises just the same. The recipe was on the back of the AP GF flour blend. The brand is Better Batter; made with rice, potato and tapioca. I dislike the xanthan gum, though and prefer to make my own blends. I heard gelatin can be used in baking but I'm not sure if it always works. Perhaps egg white would be a better binder.
    I actually can't eat potato (they block me up bad) so I usually make my own blend... but you know I hear soaked over night chia seeds are the best binder!! I can't wait to use them in recipes. I wont fullly exnay eggs for chia seeds but i'd add it in!!

    So, what I'm hearing is tapico flour will not hurt my gut* Yay!

    Maze (spelling?) is a no no...

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