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    I recently learned that bactine will heal a cold sore quickly. Might even prevent one from forming if applied soon enough. Now I have a $5 bottle of bactine both at home and at work. Although I really don't get them very often anymore since going primal, twice this winter I've had to scramble for the bactine and both times the blister didn't form.

    How about skin tags? My husband has a number of them and although an internet search partly attributes them to obesity, he's quite slim. Any home remedies or supplements that you guys know?

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    I don't know if skin tags are the same as moles but I got rid of a mole by putting iodine on it daily. It shrunk and eventually disappeared. Iodine can be somewhat strong by itself so you may want to mix it with a carrier oil, if you do that remember to keep it an opaque container because iodine is light sensitive.

    I started applying iodine to my finger cyst and it's hard to tell but it seems to be shrinking.

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