Let me preface this by saying I own one pair of heels and one pair of boots with heels. They both get worn about twice a year, usually to weddings. I have a couple pairs of work shoes with heels that are an inch or two for the rare presentation or interview. I'm 5'5" so I don't need the extra height. I have borderline wide feet and high arches so sneakers or eccos are my day to day (it's be Tevas, but I have to wear closed toe shoes to work).

I'm going to be a bridesmaid in an outdoor wedding at the end of October. Average high is 69, low 44, mean 58. She wants me to wear neutral color (nude, gray, silver range) heels or flats (I'm the tallest one, so I'll still be taller than her even with flats).

Problem is that she wants me to wear dressy shoes! I need shoes that can withstand all day outdoors (unlikely), or be cheap enough to throw away after the fact. Can anyone suggest some brands of cheap but not crappy dressy shoes? Dr. Scholls friendly flats look promising but I can't try them on locally (I love the Dr. Scholls Joliet but she doesn't think the grey are dressy enough) and $50 is still kind of pricey for a throw away shoe. Any advice is appreciated. I've tried goodwill but haven't found anything suitable yet since neutral colored shoes get nasty looking quickly.