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Thread: new to Paleo and wondering when my fake hunger will go away!

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    Arrow new to Paleo and wondering when my fake hunger will go away!

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    Hi All
    Just starting out on my Paleo journey. I've been reading about it and talking to people who do it and finally starting to do it myself. I have a question though. I ate a big salad with all green veggies, egg, avocado, almonds and oil & vinegar. About 10 minutes after finishing my body was screaming for chocolate. Why does this happen and how long till it subsides???

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    How long have you been on the diet? Days? A week or so?
    Whether you're easing into it or going cold turkey, it'll take a while for those cravings to end. It's different for everybody, but most people say stick it out for 20-30 days.
    Also, if you're eating a lot of sweet things (honey-sweetened primal desserts) those cravings may take longer to banish. And if you have a weekend where you just eat whatever, they may come back, but those you can usually squash in a day or so. GOOD LUCK KEEP AT IT!!!

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    it took about 2 weeks for me. it does get easier. i still occasionally crave something unhealthy but its not hunger so its easier to ignore

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