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Thread: Kirkland (Costco) Farmed Steelhead Trout

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    Kirkland (Costco) Farmed Steelhead Trout

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    I just thought I'd ask for others opinion on this. The Costco brand Kirkland has ~3.5lbs of steelhead trout for around $17, and it is pretty delicious. I have been eating it for a while, but I am now questioning with the "farm-raised" aspect. It is raised in Chile, and it appears it may have artificial coloring in the trout's feed. In reading through Mark's section of fish in The Primal Blueprint (chapter 4), he mentions that US farm-raised trout has a nearly identical profile to wild trout, but the procedures in Chile may be more questionable (?)

    I find that it is hard to beat the price in the Midwest (wild salmon around $10+ a pound), and I figure it still has to be better than conventional meats? Does anyone else eat the Kirkland farm-raised fish?

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    You could do worse for sure. But yes, farmed fish is more likely to be contaminated with bacteria and they come with a host of environmental concerns. They also don't eat the fish's natural diet which usually means more o6 and less o3 fats and less minerals and vitamins.

    Still, it's way better than chowing down on a plate of grains, so keep things in perspective.

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    Steelhead trout are a local fish where I live. And an endangered species. There is no other way to eat them other than farmed. An interesting tidbit: they are the same exact thing as rainbow trout except to be steelhead trout they must go to the ocean sometime in their life. Which I guess technically makes the farmed kind not quite steelhead if they don't actually migrate anywhere.

    Typically the questionable thing about farmed fish is that they feed them fish meal, which is like expending more calories to produce whatever calories you get from the fish compared to if you would have caught them wild and second, they sometimes keep them in cages in the ocean where they get diseases that can transfer to the wild populations.
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    Farmed fish : wild fish :: CAFO meat : pastured meat.

    It's all about determining value on a spectrum, which makes it subjective. Not a bad choice IMO, but there are better if you can afford to go that way.

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