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Thread: 3 pound pork roast - do you have a good slow cooker recipe? page

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    3 pound pork roast - do you have a good slow cooker recipe?

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    As summer approaches we have to take advantage of the slow cooker or it gets WAY too hot in our house. So, I have a 3 pound pork roast that I would like to do something with in the slow cooker. Any ideas for me?

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    Line the bottom with bacon. Out the butt on the bacon turn the cooker on low. Cook for 12- 16 hours depending on size and once done pull it apart. Non Nom. Don't forget to season.

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    Mark Sisson's carnitas recipe. Every bit as delicious in a slow cooker.

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    +1 for carnitas. Since trying Mark's recipe out, I'm never without carnitas in the house, either fresh or in the freezer for a quick carnitas+fried eggs+green salsa pick me up!

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    How about getting a Master Stock happening? Get some chicken carcass frames and smash them up then slow cook overnight in water to cover the bones, onions, garlic, ginger, honey, a couple of star anise, some salt and a spoonful of sesame oil. Maybe a splash of naturally fermented soy sauce.

    Then strain off this stock and slowly cook the pork in this. Drain off all the stock mk.2 and keep in jar in fridge or freeze. Then slow cook a 4 pound chicken next time, refreshing the stock with more water, spices, ginger etc. Every time you use it the stock gets richer and more complex.

    I believe some Chinese restaurants have had their closely-guarded master stock going for years.

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    Slow-Cooked Coconut Ginger Pork | Mark's Daily Apple

    Another MDA recipe... I'll vouch for this one's awesomeness.

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    Butter, salt, pepper, juniper berries, fennel.

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    I do this and skip the gravy part and leave out the clove.

    Crock Pot Pork Roast With Gravy - Recipe -

    I freeze the drippings for making soup another time.

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    Pollo slightly off topic but if you don't want to heat your house with cooking we use a parabolic solar cooker and it works really well. In fact I think the food comes out better than it does in the oven.

    The Premium Solar-Cooker by "SUN AND ICE" - YouTube

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    My all time favorite pork roast is searing the roast, then topping it with a can of salsa verde and letting it cook for 5 hours in a slow cooker (or whatever you normally cook roast for desired doness). My folks prefer if I rub it with a freshly grated fennel, coriander, black pepper and salt, sear and then cook on a bed of 'cut-outs' in a slow cooker. I normally serve it with a slaw-based salad with home-made mayo or one of the beets salads.
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