Right after a high calorie or large meal I just slump and crash. I know this is common with high carb or sugar meals but even after a steak and some green beans, I just go all dizzy and sleepy and it's pretty extreme, not the usual energy crash. I can barely function or think.

I've tried eating no carb on meals, low protein, still the same. When I reduce the size of my meals the effect isn't so bad but it's still there. These are medium sized meals and I could handle much larger quantities pre-lowcarb! Does my body have issues digesting fat? This never happened pre-low carb (was on very low fat, low protein). Should I limit or reduce my fat intake? I have a naturally large appetite but I've only been low carb for a month, should I give it time for my body to adapt better to fat? I wake up with so much energy and my workouts are great but after eating I just crash and need to lie down. I'm not diabetic neither am I overweight. I thought the general energy crash after eating only related to the high carbohydrate consumption (I keep it at 10g a meal max). It only started happening on week 2 and has gotten progressively worse. I consume about 200g of fat, 130g protein and 30g carbs. I take Omega 3 supplements, pottasium and magnesium. I have no hidden sugars or starches in any of my food. I drink a gallon of water a day as well.