Just wanted to get some thoughts on what I'm planning to do... too much, too little? My main goal is to preserve my lean mass as I lose weight. I'm 5'3" 173lbs and female if that matters. Thanks!

Th: Squat (145), Lunges 3x12 (add weight as able)
Fri: Bench (100), Lat Pull down (pull-up progression)
Sat: Sprints - 6@50%, 6@100%
Sun: Deadlift, Leg lifts
Mon: Press, Push-ups 3x12 (increase as able)
Tues: Off
Wed: Indoor Soccer

I am scheduling around my soccer games, as I play year round inside. I will be following Wendler's 531 for the core lifts as that seems to meet my goals of variety and slow strength progression. I'm resetting maxes this weekend after a back injury deadlifting 2 weeks ago, so I only know squat and bench right now.