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Thread: Starbucks Grok

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    Starbucks Grok

    The people that work at Wal-mart, McDonald's and Starbucks from management to service person are moral people. They are doing their best to provide the services that consumers want, as evidenced by the consumer's voluntary purchase of their products.

    There is a book called "Eat this, not that" which tries to pick items from the most popular places that most Americans visit, such as the ones mentioned above and point out which ones are preferable. (Non-grok and mostly low-fat high carb)

    I understand that the ultimate preference may be to each grass fed beef, and I also believe that eating the hamburger, cheese and bacon of a McDouble bacon cheesburger is more grok/healthier than eating the whole sandwich including bun and fries.

    I'm really surprised that for a nutrition site that according to my search this is the first one that mentions Starbucks.

    Based on my previous posts, I guess I would have to write such a book that tries to find that most grokesque food in the most popular food establishments in the US, if not the world as the general consensus of this forum seems to be that most all popular food establishments are a cesspool of poison and you might be better off visiting a local gas station and buying a pack of smokes to curb your appetite or at least chewing some tobacco.

    Am I really the only one here that hangs out with "normal" people and spends time in Starbucks, and *gasp* fast food restaurants and would appreciate some general recommendations of what items are grok preferential in these establishments?
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