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Thread: What's the difference between a sprint and a workout?

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    Springing is probably better than nice slow, practically useless volume training. If you enjoy long and slow, then I guess you can do it, it's just not as healthy. Doing a short interval workout though, is much healthier and makes me feel more fulfilled.

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    Hypertrophy means bigger muscles. You might want bigger biceps but you don't want a bigger heart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    You can't do 5-10 minutes of sprinting at 95-100%. If you can do 5-10 minutes at whatever speed you're at, you're not really sprinting. A true sprint is what will make you feel like you're going to drop in 50-100 yards. At that point you have to stop and rest or walk until you recover.
    While I agree with you in a general way I would disagree in point: as a former 400 meter sprinter I wouldn't feel like dropping until after 300 meters. Flat sprint to 300 doable... and then real pain begins. There wasn't a single race that I didn't walk to the middle of the field and puke after but that was race day.

    I guess my point would be for training no one runs 100%; everyday would be a race day... 95% is a real stretch. Two hard days at 80-90% would be it.

    The thing I think nearly everyone misses is they don't know what 100% means... In lifting you have a 1RM; that's easy, go to a squat rack and push, pull and strain to your hearts content and establish what that 1RM is and then scale a workout intensity to that max. But I can't sprint and time myself. Want a true representation of effort bring a friend to stand, watch and time. Actually bring your mom to time and a friend that's faster than you and play catch up; actually bring your friends mom... there may be benefits.

    So how many of us have gone and timed a 40, 100, 200 or 400 meter sprint - one max effort after warm-up - all out...? Do that, establish a max effort, and scale the workout appropriately and maybe search Clyde Hart sprint workouts to see it tied together. It wont teach you to run right but it'll give you an idea of sprint training and what those crazy kids are doing with blowing whistles, orange cones and 47 second 400 meter times.
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    Got it, thanks everyone!

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