Hey Guys, like I said I'm new to this Paleo Diet and I have I few questions. I've been eating meat and veggies for about a month now, and I'm not experiencing that "Effortless weight loss, boundless energy" thing talked about in the primal blueprint. I have no dairy of any kind in my diet except for butter that I cook with. I'm not all that hungry however, so I eat when I am. I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, but once I do a feel good and I'm ready for the day within 30 mins. I dropped 8 lbs quick, but now I can't get my weight to drop at all for weeks now. I'm also into week 4 of P90X. I'm thinking that I must be eating to much fruit/veggies? I have to pack my lunches so apples, bananas, carrots and cucumbers are pretty easy. For dinner, it's usually a larger portion of meat and a spinach salad. I am seeing muscle gains and development gains, but it's happening slowing. Is this the way it's supposed to go? I have cut out ALL grains including rice (which is hard because I love Thai food). I also have some questions about some foods and would like some feedback.

1) Bread made with Almond Flour (paleo bread)
2) Sea salt. Is this OK to add to food?
3) Olives Black or Green are they Paleo?
4) Pasta. I know wheat and rice noddles are out but what about egg noddles? Are they to processed?

I love this lifestyle but I just want to drop BF faster I guess. Thanks in advance!