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Thread: 16 and starting a new workout routine - what do you think of the one i've made?

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    16 and starting a new workout routine - what do you think of the one i've made?

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    Monday: Burpees

    Tuesday: pull-ups – core

    Wednesday: rest

    Thursday: Burpees

    Friday: Pull-ups – core

    Core = Plank + side plank
    Super mans (for lower back)
    Glute Bridge (or butt bridges)

    shoulder rotator cuff exercises

    aswell as a few back stretches and what not...

    Simplicity is what im aiming for.

    What do you guys think of this routine? The burpees will destroy most of the main muscle groups and the pull-ups will add in some nice back muscle and strength.

    Like I said, it's a simple program which fits nicely into a school schedule and I dont need a gym.

    Your thoughts on this routine?
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    Looks good to me.

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    Perfect anwser id give you a primal star if I could!

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    I'd personally switch it to a strength day, conditioning day, off... could be something like...

    1. Pushups, pullups, single leg squats, pike presses (vary grips and leverage)
    2. Burpees, hill sprints, high rep work, etc
    3. off

    put the core work in either of those days...

    or do strength off conditioning off, etc...
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    Maybe ad some air squats and lunges on your Burpee day. Great leg burn!
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    Cheers guys. I can do single leg burpees where instead of explosively jumping with both legs I can do it with one...

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