So I am desperately trying to get my lifelong moderately severe depression & a bit of anxiety under control. I was really hoping being primal would help & it has helped with some of the mood swings. I have been primal for about 2 months & in addition to losing fat & bloat feel pretty good about that. I've also taken up yoga, which helps me to meditate but after I'm off my mat I still feel bad.

I have a terrible inner critic telling me I'll never be good enough, racing negative thoughts, bad mood, not hopeful. I also have an inability to feel appropriate emotions, rather good or bad, an apathy. Sometimes it's impossible to get myself out of bed; I stare/think about all the tasks that need to be done but can't bring myself to do them. I have trouble concentrating. I have a wicked temper & can be irritable. I put on a tough front but I am overly sensitive to some things like loss/rejection & blame myself endlessly when they happen even if they are completely out of my control/not my fault. I tend to cry when I get mad/sad. Lately when I go out with my friends I just want to crawl back into my bed & quit pretending that I am enjoying this. I isolate myself a lot, push away my loved ones, block out the world & feel incredibly lonely.

God, I sound awful but I am actually quite high-functioning; I just landed a great research assistant job, have an excellent GPA in my epidemiology masters program, friends that love/adore me, etc. After a terrible situation with a guy sent me spiraling downward a psychiatrist prescribed a low dose of Wellbutrin which I currently am on. I really dislike the idea of antidepressants for me personally; it's a mental hang-up about me feeling weak. I also take fish oil caplets & a multivitamin. Also I have just began cognitive behavioral therapy.

I would greatly appreciate any insight from people who have experimented with supplements of any kind. Thank you!