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Thread: Treating hyperthyroidism with iodine

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    Treating hyperthyroidism with iodine

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    And coconut oil? I read about this on a website called the iodine project. I'm a bit worried because trad medicine blames iodine for hyperthyroidism. However I used to take a half iodoral a day and stopped many months ago. So I don't see how this caused it. To me it makes sense to take the iodine.

    The explanation on the website said that you can swing from hypo to hyper due to your thyroid and body working so hard to find iodine. It causes the thyroid to go into overdrive. In January my tsh was 2.7 now its .225 so it seems like that's a possibility.

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    While I totally agree that the body needs iodine to function correctly, I really would be careful about getting iodine via supplements. IMO, it would be better to get your iodine by eating some sea veggies and/or seafood. When the iodine is coming from real food sources, it is absorbed slowly and completely by the body and there is no chance (short of eating a truckload of oysters) to mess things up by swinging from one extreme to the other.

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