Has any one dealt with this successfully?

I just got extensive bloodwork done, and was discovered to have v. low progesterone and v. high oestrogen aka. Oestrogen dominance. Among other things, it's manifesting in me is by impairing my thyroid, stopping ovulation, and raising my stress hormones and cholesterol.

I'm actually very happy because now I know what's going on with me and I can deal with it accordingly

I'm being put on progesterone and as well as this, I'm going to take some supplements: B6, Zinc, and Mg. If any one has any other suggestions that would be great!

Has anyone tried acupuncture for it? If so, what complaint would I go in with - infertility?

Is there a kind of exercise that increases progesterone?

I also plan to have a lot more sex (not that women like that sort of thing, but I'll take a hit for the sake of my unborn children )