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Thread: Stage III Adrenal Fatigue and the Primal Diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsnyder05 View Post
    I too have adrenal fatigue and it's tough. The primal diet helped me feel 10x better over the course of a few months. But depending on the stage of adrenal fatigue you are at you might not be able to get better with out supplements. I for example am at stage 3B (Adrenal Exhaustion) you need glandular products along with a full course of vitamins. (Expensive) but they all definitely do help. It's a long term battle for most.

    Check out these resources and I would get both of these doctors books. Dr. Lam's book is the best!

    DrLamŽ - Body. Mind. NutritionŽ
    Adrenal Fatigue | Stress Supplements | Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms
    Thanks. All of that is definitely so expensive! We'll have to see if we can figure out to afford it. But perhaps I'll see if that book is at our library.

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    Thanks Jane

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazyjane View Post
    I've battled adrenal fatigue for about 15 years (to varying degrees). 2 years ago I started acupuncture and my practitioner (very experienced) told be I was so depleted it would take up to two years to "fix" me! I actually quit my job in order to heal and STILL had a heck of a time making any progress.

    It wasn't until I started eating Primally that I made ANY significant progress! I was formerly a vegetarian (which I know think is a huge no-no for adrenal fatigue!) My diet was working against me. Hang in there- you will make progress, but it takes awhile. I've ben Primal on-and off since last summer and then strictly since Jan. It wasn't until I got strict (NO grains!) that my hormones really started responding positively (they were low and I wasn't ovulating very often).

    I'm happy to report I can now intermittent fast with no problems, I have enough energy to work out (kettlebell a few x/week and daily 30 min. walking) without getting completely worn-out! Be easy on yourself. I didn't do much more than a few 15-20 min. walks a few x/week for a long time because I would end up very weak after.
    BTW, fasting isn't something anyone needs to worry about doing. It's a minor part of the program and I wouldn't do it until your adrenals are stronger and you have no blood sugar issues. I used to be hypoglycemic and I no longer am, so an 18 hour fast (from evening until the afternoon the next day) is doable for me now. I would hold off for a long time on that, though.

    I've read Wilson's book and I feel like it's excellent and I use a lot of the recommendations. I add Real Salt to all my beverages (it's made a day-and night difference in my low blood pressure and heat intolerance!). My one stumbling block is getting to bed before I get a cortisol spike. Naughty night owl, I am!!

    Other things that have helped a lot are:

    Qigong (similar to Tai Chi but more restorative/healing). I started out with this dvd and felt a difference very quickly- it only takes 9 min. to do the routine after you learn it: Qi Gong for Cleansing: Daisy Lee Garripoli, Francesco Garripoli, Ted Landon: Movies & TV

    Rhodiola- a great adaptogenic herb. Himalaya Stress Care is also excellent.

    Coenzyme B complex (I like Jarrow B-Right or Country Life Coenzyme B Complex)

    Avoiding caffeine/chocolate for a long time (I can handle a bit now).
    Thanks Jane for the great info! I bought the Qigong video and real salt, not sure how or when it's beneficial to drink the salt water or put in food? No grains, WOW, ugh, so no quinoa either? I've been taking Dr Lipmans Be We'll Adaptogens hoping I notice something soon, would love to drop at least 20 pounds but I'm afraid to push myself, my breathing while exercising isn't good, heart rate goes into the 180-190 very quickly, but yet I recover back to 150 very quick. Have seen a pulmonologist and heart doctor and they gave me the all clear, but that darn cortisol! I feel like I know more about my condition that my doctor, so forums like this are very helpful. Thanks again!

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