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    Overwhelmed & Overweight

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    Hey everyone. I'm new here! My name is Lacey aka Lace. I'm a 26 year old mother of two little boys. I work full-time, go to school full-time (Go Sun Devils!), and I'm pretty much overwhelmed and overwieght. Recently, my long time bf and I have tried to have a baby, resulting in 3 miscarriages over the last year. My hormones are completely screwed up and I started looking into reseting my hormones and started reading more about leptin. I've decided that a leptin reset is what I need to do AND I need to lose about 75 lbs. As I read about leptin reset, I get pointed more and more in the direction of the primal diet and lifestyle. I'd love to make this lifestyle change BUT I'm concerned with budget. I'm getting overwhelmed with the diet to follow (I over analyze everything) and I just do not know where to being. Some help would be appreciated

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    Start by clicking the button on the menu bar that says "Start Here".

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    Following a budget is definitely a big consideration, but with a little planning you should be able to make this work. One one to go, if your food budget is really tight, is to gradually phase out the non-primal foods on hand. As you replace items in the pantry, make them primal choices. Buying all organic foods and pastured meats is another goal that it may take awhile to achieve. As your income increases, choose better quality foods. Maybe pick a meal to make primal each week until by the end of a month you've made the switch. Hope one or more of these ideas are helpful.

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    Congratulations on your decision to take charge! Over the last 6 yrs I've shed abt 70 lbs by changing my lifestyle. I've discovered that my food budget hasn't really changed. I no longer buy processed, packaged foods - which are actually quite expensive. I rarely eat out anymore which is a HUGE savings. I joined a local farm's CSA for meat which averages $7.50 lb and a veggie CSA with a variety of veggies I wouldn't try otherwise. I eat smaller portions of high quality meat. I am enjoying more organ meats which are less expensive. I enjoy shopping at the farmers market and while some things r pricey, there r some grt bargains. I found a small farm stand that sells discounted produce, cheaper than the grocery store. I ask u what a friend asked me "what is more important than what u feed yourself and family?"

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    surprisingly i'm not spending as much now i'm not buying junk and sweets. I'm also not throwing away anywhere near as much food. I eat the veggies and fruit now- they no longer come to my house just to die! I was always throwing away stale bread too. you can get cheaper cuts of meat , cook in bulk and freeze. i don't buy fast food any more which also saves money. it probably wont be as expensive as you think.

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    I've been at this for a few months. Even though the foods I eat cost more, I spend less less money on food. How? Because I rarely eat at a restaurant. And I don't eat nearly as much food. Not as many snacks. No trips to the soda machine. All the little things I used to do added up to a lot more money than I thought.

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    Welcome, Lacey.

    I agree with others, primal foods look expensive but eating primally works out cheaper overall.

    Learning to cook from scratch is key. Also, planning is very helpful to your success.

    I would begin with breakfast - if you start the day right it's easier to keep on track the rest of the day. But if not, then you get a fresh chance to start right every single day. Two eggs and some green veges (maybe leftovers saved on purpose from the night before) make a quick and filling omelette which shouldn't break the bank and will see you right till lunchtime.

    Good luck.

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