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Thread: Favorite Veggie Ideas

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    - saute lots and lots of onions and bell peppers with olives and greek seasoning
    - saute asparagus and when almost done toss with fresh squeezed orange and sesame seeds
    - I loooove turnips. fantastic in beef stew.
    - eggplant cannelloni - cut the eggplant lengthwise and salt and leave for a few hours to remove the bitter juices. Saute or grill, then roll up each around some ricotta. Top with tomato sauce and cheese and bake until cheese bubbles.

    These are just some of my latest veggie faves, I'm sure I'll think of more later!

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    I actually like just plain boiled carrots. Cut in large chunks and cook slowly so they're sweet. Nice cooked in with the meat, like an Irish stew.

    I make spinach omelets - we can buy frozen spinach portions, some are about a tablespoon or so in size, some more like 1/4 cup. Defrost in the microwave and beat into an omelet.

    A recipe I saw on TV here grated carrots in long strips and stir-fried them in butter as a pasta alternative for kids.

    As a side (rather than the rice dish) I microwave a few florets of cauliflower and let a bit of cheese melt on it, with some grain mustard.

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    I love veggies so it's really hard to pick a favorite. Asparagus drizzled with olive oil and grilled or under the broiler until tender is always yum, quick and easy. We have a variety of greens several times a week, whether it's mustard greens, collards or kale we prepare it the same way:

    1lb or so of kale/mustard greens or collards, chopped into large pieces (I'm lazy and buy the bags of pre-cut...and that's how it comes from our CSA too)
    1 onion, diced (small or large dice is fine...I prefer a larger, chunkier onion)
    3-6 strips of bacon, cut into small strips
    1-1.5 cups of chicken broth (more or less depending on how many greens you used)

    -Get a large pot of unsalted water on to boil (this is to blanch the greens)
    -in a large/deep-sided pan (I use an enamel coated dutch oven) over medium heat, cook 3-6 slices of bacon that have been cut into smaller strips (sometimes I even add a tsp or two of coconut oil)
    -when the bacon is getting crispy, add diced onion
    -while the bacon and onion cook, your water should be boiling, add your greens and cook for 2-3 minutes until they start to soften.
    -drain the greens well and rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process
    -once your onion is starting to get translucent, add in your drained greens and 1 to 1.5 cups of chicken broth.
    -Bring to boil, reduce heat to a hard simmer and cook until most of the liquid cooks down.
    -season with salt/pepper to taste (I usually don't add anything)

    The recipe seems more complicated than it really is. I really prefer "one pot" recipes, but this is a 2-potter....totally worth it! I could eat this every night! After you make it a time or two, you get the timing of everything down pat and it's really easy. Basically, you can't mess this one up!

    We also recently discovered roasted radishes...and interesting and different side dish. Just google it an you'll find tons of easy recipes. The basic one is just like any other veggie: salt/pepper/olive oil and roast in oven until tender.
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    +1 for asparagus wrapped in bacon

    and another +1 for broccoli stir fried in bacon grease. That has to be about the tastiest thing ever.
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    Whipped parsnip, my new favorite, Awsome! Boil a pound of parsnip, add 1/4 cup cream. Whipp it. Garlic or butter as you wish.

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    lots of nice ideas, I will try some of them out for sure!!!

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    Honestly, my favorite solution is the kitchen sink sautee:
    Sautee garlic and onion in butter in a decent sized pan. When everything starts smelling heavenly, thrown in whatever veggies sound good that day, julienned or broken into stir- fry sizes. (My favorite is carrots, broccoli, more onion, more garlic, asparagus, red bell pepper, celery, and jalapeno or habanero). Sautee until almost al dente, then throw in the leafy stuff (I usually use spinach or curly mustard greens.) Cook until leafy stuff has just gone limp but not soggy. Toss in some pine nuts/ sunflower seeds/ or pecans.

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    When in doubt, roast it. =P When I'm short on energy or creativity, or I've already got the oven going so it's convenient, I'll roast things - asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, carrots, peppers, beets, brussels sprouts.. I'm sure there are others I roast, but those are the most common.

    Cabbage is ALWAYS cheap, even at the freakishly overpriced farmer's market here... I like it cooked like this: (I use bacon grease instead of the oil/butter, and homemade chicken stock when I have some)

    I'll eat sauteed onions and bell peppers with just about anything. Or by themselves.

    I like mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of cheese and spinach (if you eat dairy) then baked. I use frozen spinach for most things, it's quick and convenient.

    Cauliflower can be boiled or steamed and then mashed or pureed to act like mashed potatoes, or it can be grated or finely chopped and then sauteed to act like rice. That's especially nice if you find yourself feeding a non-primal friend or relative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayness View Post
    When in doubt, roast it.
    I roast almost everything: cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini (with garlic, delish!), carrots, tomatoes (for a long time at 350 F), sweet potatoes... Mushrooms I usually saute with garlic. Greens raw in a salad, but you can roast endives and radicchios.
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    Brussel sprouts cut in half lengthwise, sauteed in bacon grease with chopped up pieces of bacon, seasoned with S&P, then roasted for about 30 minutes (stir once in the middle of cooking). BEST BRUSSEL SPROUTS EVER!

    Eggplant cut into rounds, salted and left sitting for a while (like unchanenfrance said), drizzled with evoo and S&P, grilled or broiled until tender. Great when topped with mozzarella/tomato/basil

    Roasted Broccoli...just cut fresh florets off the stems, drizzle with evoo and S&P, roast at 400 for 10 minutes, turn florets over, roast 10 more minutes

    Grilled asparagus

    Grilled bell peppers and onions

    Sauteed mushrooms/onions for burgers

    Roasted sweet potatoes (cut into "fries" or wedges, roasted exactly like the broccoli above but at 350 and for 20 minutes per side)

    Baked sweet potatoes with butter (can be done in the microwave to get it done quickly)

    Cauliflower anything! Mashed (pureed really), roasted, riced...

    Spaghetti Squash for "pasta" substitute, or just as a delicious side seasoned with butter, S&P that list turned out longer than I expected. I do love my vegetables
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