No exercise.

Canola oil spread.

Dinner of white pasta several times a week.

Soda multiple times a day.

Tonight he'll be eating copious amounts of apple pie and ice cream.

The man is a frikin' diabetic!

And before you ask, I've tried to have the "talk" with him. He basically told me to shut my "over zealous, self-righteous, ill-informed" mouth and take my "nutritional tripe" to the dump.

Fine, if he wants to do this to himself, I've done what I can. Let him eat his own doom. At some point, you just can't help those who refuse to be helped.

I suppose if you all have any ideas you can post 'me here, but I guess this is just another rant about family members who don't give a shit about their own health and how we always have to divorce ourselves from their own choices as ill conceived as they may be.