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    Forum Diet Advice? Junk or Helpful?

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    How much of the forum diet advice is really just "junk"?

    Some of it is so rigid as extreme that it seems unrealistic and miserable.

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    I think for the most part what you are seeing is that different people have found different things that work for them. Some people are by nature highly dogmatic and want to convince others to do things their way and only their way. I think you will need to take all advice with a grain of salt and see what works for you.

    "Unrealistic" is a very subjective term. If you mean that constant cheating is good for the soul, you're on your own.

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    As eKatherine says, everyone's different when it comes to what they eat here. You don't have to be really strict, but it depends on how your body reacts to various foods. Personally, I need to be very strict because I'm intolerent to grain and dairy, but also because eating a strict paleo diet controls my ADD symptoms. I sometimes wish I could be less strict but in the end it's not worth it for me.

    So it is all completely realistic and just depends on personal preference and what your body is happy with.

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    Just use the Start Here button.
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    The forum has helped me to learn a lot over the years however, you can make yourself crazy trying to decipher all of the different approaches. Start with the basics and see how your body responds, adjust accordingly to optimize your results.

    As eKatherine said....we are all different, I don't believe there is "one way" to be successful on PB.

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    It's only "junk" advice if it doesn't work for you. If someone suggests bumping your carbs up to 300g a day and it works out well for you, then it's sound advice. If it makes you worse off, then it's bad advice. Customize your diet and apply suggestions that work best for you. You don't have to abide by another's arbitrary rules to get similar or equal results. If something is not working, make changes until you find your formula. Chances are it's not going to be exactly like someone else's. There is no universal right and wrong in diet; if you find someone's protocol too rigid, chances are it won't work for you if it makes you feel bad physically or mentally.
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    The advice on this forum is just like the advice in real life - it's a source of ideas and nothing more. If it sounds logical or interesting, you can try it. Everyone is different, so it might work and it might not.

    It's your responsibility to sort through the good stuff and the crap.
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    If you can get past the dogmatic attitudes a lot of people have and just learn to take information with a grain of salt, even forum advice has its place sometimes and can be useful.

    Just remember though. Nutrition is individual. What has worked or someone else may or may not work for you so don't expect miracle cures. You still have to put in the time and effort to make it work or to conduct your own n=1 experiments.

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    The IF stuff, omega 3s (salmon, fish oil etc), green vegetables (Big A$$ salad), liberal use of oils (fats like olive oil OK but sugar bad), and PUFAs like nuts all total garbage. Most women aren't going to look good from lifting heavy objects; you'll just bulk up. The walking is some of the best advice that no one discusses because it's too boring.

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    To be really honest, my family and I practice "the most basic primal" plus intermittent fasting. It's not at all challenging, difficult, or even dogmatic. I don't consider the IF necessary, btu we were curious about it, tried it, and really liked the results for us (which had nothing to do with weight loss/etc)

    It's a very simple process, honestly. YOu do the basic primal, you'll get results. Pretty mcuh everyone has. From there, they tweaked based on their interests and tastes.

    PS. I've lifted weights for years and I've never been "bulky."
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