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Just use the Start Here button.
This. If nothing changes in X days (you define it), then start looking for tweaks. We all give opinions base on our own personal n=1. Your n=1 will be yours alone.

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Most women aren't going to look good from lifting heavy objects; you'll just bulk up. The walking is some of the best advice that no one discusses because it's too boring.
I'm sorry, but I disagree with the first statement. I could lift heavy stuff from now until the Zombie apocalypse, and I wouldn't bulk up - it's just not in my genes. On the walking however, I couldn't agree more. If you're not disabled, you can use walking as exercise until the day you die. It won't screw up your joints and injury is much less frequent than from running or sprints. It's also very rewarding as to improvement. Many years ago, at the depth of my unhealth, I started with a 15 minute walk per day. Within three months, I was walking over an hour a day, and within six months, 90 minutes per day five days a week. That's all I did was walk. My bp was 114/75 even though I partied like a college kid.