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Thread: Roasting meat, simply

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    Roasting meat, simply

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    I read a message on here somewhere that someone said they throw some meat in the oven, put in on 200F, come back in 4-12 hours and eat it. Wouldn't you season it somehow, some prep, some sauce, something? The idea of something this simple appeals to me. Can you do any piece of meat like this, whether pork, beef, etc.? I'm thinking poultry wouldn't work. But it would be nice to cook that simply, steam some broccoli to go with it, save the leftovers for during the week.
    So what kinds of meat have people done that way, and what have you done with the leftovers?

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    That was me.

    I could season it. But cooking the whole chunk of meat is more than just making a recipe. I end up with what will be the base of a number of meals, each of which will be different. So I would serve it with vegetables, and some of the liquid might be served with it.

    You can brown it first, which I like to do with beef.

    Later the liquid can be cooked down to concentrate the flavor.

    I do it with beef or pork. I could do lamb, but since lamb is much more expensive than beef, I don't buy it often.

    You might do this with turkey thighs, but you'd probably want to skin them or brown the skin first. Turkey breast would cook dry, and chicken cooks so quickly you don't need a long, slow cooking process. You could brown chicken thighs well, cover them with water, and turn them into broth this way.

    When it first comes out of the oven, the whole house has been smelling like roast meat for hours. I'd have to use extreme willpower not to just start eating it as is.

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    I love this for slow roasting: Romertopf Reco No. 110 Classic 2-5-Pound Clay Baker: Home & Kitchen

    It may seem like a lot of money for such a simple vessel, but I've had mine for over 10 years at least, and I've done everything except fish in it. Only because I don't think of fish as needing slow roasting.
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