The good news: I finally feel ready to kick sugar. I've loved it my whole life and been a borderline addict for around 2 years now (including binging behavior). For the first time EVER, I've stopped craving it.

The bad news: Instead of my body wanting sugar, it wants fats -- not only the staples like eggs and steak, but the calorie-dense ones like cream and macadamias. Any time I cut out the cream or macadamias (I'm good about avoiding other nuts -- haven't had any in months) I don't feel satisfied and the sugar cravings return.

I see this as both a huge step and a puzzling dilemma. I'm good about counting out servings so that my calories (and macros) still stay in a good spot -- I'll have a few tablespoons of cream or a precisely measured number of macs. But people on the forums seem to bash anything that's not grass fed steak (there are arguments about PUFAs in chicken and pork, carbs in sweet potatoes, trace milk solids in butter... high-fat versus moderate-carb... etc) and I don't want to be fooling myself by thinking I'm being primal if I'm not.