Hello everyone,

My goal is to become as healthy as I can possibly be. Im 42, somewhere around 70kg and carrying a little extra fat around the middle.

I've been lifting heavy for a couple of months and seem to have reached my max weights. Roughly the same as when I was lifting a couple of years back:

  • Press: 30kg (3x5)
  • Chest Press: 40kg (3x5)
  • Deadlift: 70kg x 5
  • I dont currently do heavy squats as I dont have a rack (got one on order though!)

I seem to have stopped making gains. This is not necessarily a bad thing (or is it?) but I dont know what to do now?

Do I keep doing this stuff at the weights I can lift and increase reps until i can add a little more weight? Do I start eating a ton? (remember, my goal is not size, it's health) or do i stop lifting and do bodyweight stuff for a while? Or work on other big exercises like chin-ups, one arm rows, lunges etc for a while?

Some expert advise would be really appreciated.

Many thanks,