I've been moderately primal for 5 months. I mean I try to be primal, and I mostly succeed, I don't cheat often, but I do on occasion. I've gotten off of all maintenance drugs, ice before ibuprofen, suffer through sinus infections and try to ride them out before getting antibiotics (less infections, 50% success rate). I feel better, I am loosing fat and gaining strength and energy without stress, or obsessive effort. I'm sold. The PB works. The PB is healthy. No question.

But after all this success over the past 5 months, I can't get the thought out of my head that once I hit my body composition goal, I can have pizza a bit more often, can drink more craft beer, can enjoy a fresh loaf of artisan bread, etc. I don't want beer and pizza ever dinner time, but I can't shake the craving. I've been successful in minimizing my indulgences, 2 or 3 beers a week. Pizza twice in 5 months. A slice of bread (no more than that) once every two weeks.

Do the cravings ever go away?