So I recently went to the dental hygenist after not having gone since Jan 2012 (dentist recommends every 6 mo). I eat about 90-95% primal I would say. I brush and floss daily, with my Oralb electric toothbrush, recommended by the dentist.

The hygenist said my gums are receding (which is not new) and I had a fair amount of tartar buildup and the hole where one of my wisdom teeth had been pulled (~15 years ago) has gotten infected. I have had only a handful of cavities ever (all of them came when I switched to a new dentist interestingly, and have not reoccurred at my current dentist). She suggested a visit with the orthodontist to check the infection and for me to change my brushing style (small circles preferred), my toothbrush head (small circular head, not the rectangular one), and to try and floss behind my last teeth in the area where the vacant wisdom teeth are. She suspects my electric toothbrush is contributing (perhaps entirely) to my receding gums. She also suggested Welenda salt toothpaste (I had been using Tom's of ME non-flouride): Weleda Salt Toothpaste -

Based on what I've read elsewhere here it seems flossing gives most of the benefits. I'm wondering if my best strategy would be to ditch the electric toothbrush, switch to a manual brush, adjust my brushing technique and maybe get a water pick?

Thoughts? Good water pick model? Would electric be better or also have drawbacks? I noticed some people said to brush angled to the gums? Is that then at a 45degree angle with the brush facing away from the gums, or to the gums?