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    Cool 16 vs 24??

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    So I was wondering, wich do you think is better 24 IFhrs (two days a week) or daily 16 hrs, in terms of convenience, overall sucess, weight loss and health.

    I was reading lain gains and im starting to rethink my IF..


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    I would say that the daily 16 hr fast would probably be more convenient. I have been practicing the warrior diet lifestyle since August, which means that I have done undereating during the day and then eat one big meal at night.

    It is actually pretty convenient not to eat anything during the day as you have much more time and energy to get things done! Because I love food too much however, I can't even imagine going a whole day without eating anything. One of my favorite parts of the day is dinner time!

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    This may be out of line, but doesn't regular fasting go against the notion of intermittent? Seems some sort of randomization--to keep the body off guard--would be in order.


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    Depends. I do daily 16 hour fasts because it's just natural for me. But going 24 hours is when I'm actually pushing it. I do those once or twice a week.
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    I agree that daily fasting would not be [I]intermittent fasting.[I]

    As for what works better, or is more convenient, that depends on the person. Some have much better success with the 24 hr fast in terms of fat loss, while others do well with the 16. And even with a 24 hour fast, you don't need to go a "full day" without eating...if you go from supper to supper, (ie 6 pm to 6 pm), you are still eating every day. The literature I've read on IF from Brad Pilon (Eat Stop Eat method) says that after 18 hrs into a fast that there is more fat utilization for energy, with minimal increasing returns after 24 hrs.

    I've done 24 hr IF on and off over the past year, before starting the primal lifestyle, at times twice weekly. The nice thing about 24 hr IF is you can choose whatever day this works for you, not necessarily the same days each week, depending on schedules, how you are feeling, etc. Sometimes for various reasons, I end up breaking the fast at 16, or 18, or 22 hrs, again, depending on my schedule.

    In the end, why not try one method for a couple of weeks, and then the other, and see what works best for you.

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