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    ketosis: 20g carbs every 4 hrs or 100g a day

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    I have read conflicting sources about how to stay in ketosis. one source tells me that I have to stay at 20g or under of net carbs for every 4 hours throughout the day. Others say to stay under 100g of net carbs a day. Which one is correct and where did the first technique come from? Has anyone heard of this?

    Which one is most accurate? Are there any others that are more accurate figures?
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    I doubt either of these will get you into ketosis. You need a better source of information. I have never heard either of these.

    The Atkins diet recommends no more than 20g of net carbs a day to start.

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    Neither is correct. If ketosis is your goal then you would need to be having no more than 50g of carbs a day and probably more like 20g. That's over the whole day.

    Where did you read this?

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    i concur with the others. if I eat 20g carbs or under I become ketotic. I need at 30g minimum to ensure i stay out of it. your source must be wrong

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    I think the reality is that everyone is different, I don't think there is set value that applies to all.
    Some will be higher and some lower, but 100g sounds high for the 'average person', though there may be some outliers.

    If you maintained less then 50g the you'll probably get there sooner or later.

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