It's unlikely I will ever have a house with a lawn (too expensive). However, if I ever do, I am resolved to never mow it with a gas powered lawn mower.

I hated using them as a kid. They never seemed considerably more useful than a rotary push mower. They made a mess of the grass, were heavier, louder and I have destroyed at least two windows with debris they huck out.

Riding ones were fun, a blast sometimes (again, kid), but I couldn't help but wonder what the point of a "lawn" big enough to require one was. Ours certainly did not.

Instead, I will use a motor-less push mower or a scythe. I've seen one of those scythes in action - if you are half decent at honing, it does just fine. It's exercise - moving constantly at a slow pace.

Scythe Workshop: How to Mow with a Scythe - YouTube

The trick is to not have too much lawn that needs mowing - grow something else

Failing that, goats. Goat droppings are easy to pick up, should I need the space cleared.

Anyone who doesn't want to do this can go right ahead - this is just what I think I will do.