Since I've begun my Olympic lifting class I seem to have lost some weight. It doesn't feel like a huge amount of extra effort or anything. There are three of us in the class. We take turns, do a few reps with very light weight. We've been working up to the full movements and only today after 5 weeks did we do complete snatches and clean and jerks. Before that we'd just practice the bits and pieces. On off days I might throw in a few high pulls or overhead squats, but nothing too taxing because I don't want to overdo it.

My clothes are getting really loose. People have made comments. I think I look the same as always, but obviously I have lost some blubber if other people have said something (I don't actually weigh myself so I have no idea what the scale says.)

I was doing just the basic squats/press/bench/deadlift before and this is my first time doing things that require jumping. The only other thing that is different is I've been too lazy to sprint and I have not been eating much chocolate or drinking much wine, but I have had some and have been eating plenty of other sweet things like dates and cheese or vegan cheesecake. So I really think it's the athletic (for lack of a better word) lifting. Has this happened for anyone else?