Hi gang. I’m a newbie, and I thought I would introduce myself. (I'm from England, FYI, for mentions of clothes sizes below).

I’ve a chequered past, diet wise. Vegetarian from 11, I was very ill as a child and a teen, not due to diet, but due to external factors like family, my home, etc.

At 18, I left for university, and sprang into health. Eczema disappeared, I felt more awake, it was wonderful.

At 20, I had a crisis of conscience, and became vegan. I dropped to a size six from a size ten at first, which was in part due to being vegan, in part due to working and finishing up my degree, and in part due to having two very thin friends I saw daily with food issues.

Then came three years of… not much. No boundless energy or clear skin or any of the claims touted by veganism. I mainly ate very healthily, but I had crept up to a size ten, and wasn’t comfortable. So I switched out to raw vegan for a few months. I went from a size ten to a small size eight. But I was tiiired. We went on holiday to California, and I lapsed into non-raw veganism, and bounced back up to a size ten.

Then my other half convinced me into eating goats’ milk and cheese. They were happy, and so was I, but ten pounds of weight gain later, pushing me to near a size twelve, I realised something had to change. I joined Slimming World. Boy was that a mistake. Processed food shoved down me at every turn helped me pile on another five pounds, and spots were everywhere. I was eating dairy and fish, but now I see it was absolutely the wrong dairy. Sugary low-cal yoghurts, processed cheese, encouraged to eat sugary mini chocolate bars, packets of low-cal crisps, jelly, squirty cream, they were making me bigger, sending my blood sugar running all over the place.

So now I am here. My other half is still doing Slimming World, but I’m putting my foot down and saying I’ll feed myself separately if that’s what it takes to kick this weight for good. I’ve started intermittent fasting (yes, like everyone else right now, I know!) and I’m trying to ensure my diet is primal. I’m now 145lbs, and a week ago I was 149. Yep, one week of eating IF and closer to primal has lost me four pounds. My goal is 130lbs, maybe a little less, but no more size six, no more size bloat, just something healthy and comfortable.

I’m eating eggs, dairy, fish, but no meat. Here’s hoping this time something sticks!