so, my birthday just passed and for really the frist time since going full paleo in november i had a pretty bad couple days.

historically i have had what i call a non-paleo day (i dont like the word cheat because i am trying hard to to avoid the concept of this being a "diet") maybe once every six weeks where i indulge in a favorite, likely pizza.

Sadly, i just had 3 bad pretty bad days in the last five. I got on the scale and was flabergasted with a ridiculous gain, but realize a lot of it will come back out quick, body holding onto excess water from high salt intake, carbs sticking around etc.

What do you guys do if you fall off? I know some of you seldom do, but i am sitting here a bit on the bummed side and considering an IF for the rest of the morning/afternoon and chugging some water.