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Thread: Interval time suggestions ?

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    Interval time suggestions ?

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    Let me introduce myself....
    I'm a big fan of no steady state cardio...

    For 3-5 years, I've been very into: Plyo, tabata, HIIT, intervals, full-body motions, etc
    I do this about 2x a week. (With Yoga and Pilates in there also)

    For a 30-40 min workout, what are some (work/rest) intervals I can use?

    So far.....

    I've use Tabata (20secs / 10secs)
    I've done 15secs / 45secs for running hills.
    I've done 30-60secs / 1-2mins for sprints.

    Any additions/modifications to this?

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    +1 for tabatas. Do you do tabata burpees? One of the worst things you can endure

    Really an interval can be whatever you deem it to be.

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