Anyone know about this method of meat preservation? ie storing it in a tub of animal fat at room temperature. I read a few conflicting stories about it. Some say you have to cook/cure the meat first. Others don't. Information on the method is sparse. How long can you store meat in fat? It doesn't have to be the meat source's own fat right?

Was just trying to figure out this method because it seems like it would be a better alternative than the fridge and freezer. No thawing, more space in the fridge, freezer does not damage the meat, but most of all a much increased expiration date. This opens interesting possibilities like having fresh summer grass fed beef available in the winter.

So, does anyone understand how this works? What are good and bad practices? Can you store raw meat in it? For how long? If not, can I just cook it and put it in there? Does the type of fat matter as long as its solid? Does it change the taste of the meat?

If I don't get answers I'll eventually experiment with this myself.