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Thread: preserving meat in a tub of beef tallow

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    ive been looking for the shelf life of beef tallow but estimates range wildly, from a week to decades. Myself I'll go with "years", because I've had home rendered tallow for over a year before and it was fine. It was in a sealed jar. I had it for so long because I used other animal fats for cooking.

    So, I guess I'm supposed to cure it with salt to take out the moisture, then put it in the fat?

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    I know confit involves storing meat in fat, but I don't know about room temperature. That sounds terribly unsafe unless you're absolutely free of contamination.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    Room temperature is 72-74 degrees. Has that changed?
    They used to keep this stuff in an unheated pantry in houses without central heating.

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