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Thread: Full blood and hormone panel... some problems. Insights appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Momto3 View Post
    It sounds like you are getting some good care. I have Endometriosis & PCOS and have had hyperplasia. It seems to all stem from low progesterone. I wasn't ovulating. Went through years of infertility. Did Clomid and metformin and got pregnant, but between children is when I developed hyperplasia. Thankfully I went primal 3 years ago ( after having my kids) and I am slowly healing.

    You've also received some great responses. I've read that low thyroid can produce high LDL from Chris Kresser. I highly recommend his website. He has a recent series on LDL particle number.

    As for the hormones, it is so tricky. Your symptoms sound similar to mine. I'm so glad you are getting good care.
    I just read Dr Sara Gottfried's book and I thought it well done and comprehensive. I am focusing on my high cortisol right now because she says that's the Boss. I will be looking into progesterone when I can afford it. Right now I'm on hormonal birth control so that I only bleed every three months to control the pain of the endometriosis. My hope is that as my body heals I will be able to go off of it. I'm almost 38, by the way, so I know I'm headed for more hormonal changes in the near future.

    I wish you the very best!
    Eek - I hope all this continues to improve for you! I'm hoping that identifying this problem while I'm still reasonably young (31) will stand to me. What age were you diagnosed? And what are you doing to comboat the cortisol?

    Thanks for teh well wishes

    Quote Originally Posted by brookesam View Post
    I agree! Food is a good start but sometimes we just need meds.
    If you think you have high oestrogen, I really recommend is getting a blood test. We can dick around for ages, trying to figure out what's going on from symptoms, but the bloods don't lie.
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    Let's see. Endometriosis was diagnosed when I was 21. Infertility was between 23-26. PCOS diagnosed officially at age 31. I went primal at age 35. I'll be 38 this June. Since focusing on healing my leaky gut, I am seeing more and more healing. I am having little to no pain from Endo now. My symptoms of PCOS are almost completely gone. ( still breakout on jawline every now & then)

    For the high cortisol I changed my exercise routine to no more than 20 min high intensity body weight movements 2x a week. Added 20 min yoga 2x a week and I'm attempting to add walking as much as I can. Ideally some everyday. I am spending time during the day with some deep breathing. I am also taking Rhodiola, sunflower lecithin, tyrosine and krill oil specifically for lowering cortisol. My levels are within the normal range in the morning but do not decrease as they should by bedtime to I was tired, but wired. I can't handle caffeine at all. I'm a type A personality so it goes against my nature to slow down and relax, but it is what I need to do. I have noticed a great difference at bedtime since taking the supplements. I'm tired when I need to be and actually wanting to head to bed.
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