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Thread: Full blood and hormone panel... some problems. Insights appreciated!

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    Full blood and hormone panel... some problems. Insights appreciated!

    Hey everybody,

    Some of you may remember me from such emotional threads as "My doctor is a moron", "Live fast diet young", and "Sugar - the forgotten panacea" (two of these thread titles might be made up).

    Anyway - off the back of my extraordinarily high cholesterol, plus a host of other symptoms (notably "too frequent" menstruation) I decided to get a full blood and hormone panel done. Any insights any one could give me would be really appreciated!

    My Estrogen is high. The range is between 28 - 1828 (depending on time of cycle) - mine is 2028.
    My cortisol is high. Morning range is 6.2 - 19.4. Mine is 20.67.
    Prolactin (337.3), Progesteron (1.94), testosterone (1.18)are all in the normal range.
    Also got Serotonin tested but have to wait two weeks for this.

    TSH: 1.42 (normal)
    FT3: 3.84 (norm is 3.13 - 6.76)
    FT4: 12.29 (norm is 12 - 22)
    LH: 10.32 }
    FSH: 3.09 } Don't know much about these, but they seem normal?

    So I'm not hypo, but my FT3 and FT4 are borderline. Anyone who has experience with hypothyroidism: I want to take preventative measures to make sure that these don't drop lower. What can I do to help this?

    I have an infection here. No idea how long I might have had this.

    Erythrocytes and leukocytes are both a little high (23 and 25 respectively; norms are 20).
    Flat epithelium is quite high: 89 (norm is less than 30)
    Bacteria: 3490 (norm is less than 400)
    pH was fine (6.5).

    I've given another sample and am seeing the doctor tomorrow. They say I have to go on anti-biotics but need to determine which ones. I hate going on anti-biotics. What can I do to help my gut flora repopulate? Should I take a probiotic?

    Blood and Lipids
    Weird result with my iron and ferretin. My iron is high: 154 (norm is 145), but my ferretin is on the lower side of normal: 35 (norm is 13 - 150).

    Total Cholesterol: 354 (from 355 (which was the recheck) a few weeks ago)
    LDL: 229 (from 220.5 a few weeks ago)
    HDL: 108 (from 114.46)
    Trigs: 83 (from 109)

    So cholesterol is still high, LDL has gone up even more, and HDL has gone down. But there's a good improvement in my trigs in just a few weeks. I severely reduced my fat intake and started taking milk thistle.

    Mostly everything was normal, but my hematocrits, Monocytes and leukocytes are borderline low, and my neutrocytes are slightly under. Could be explained by the urinary infection?

    Good news:
    Inflammation is practically non existent: 0.3 (the norm is 5)
    Fasting glucose is 84 (norm is 74 - 106)
    Electrolytes and minerals are perfect.

    A lot of info I know. If anyone has the stomach or knowledge to help I'd really appreciate it! I"m seeing an endo tomorrow, and getting a scan of my reproductive system. So will know more then.
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