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Thread: So I have come to terms that I have an eating disorder

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    I used to binge once in a while while I was eating VLC. I have zero expertise on this subject, but for someone prone to binging, the more balanced in macronutrient the diet, the better IMO.

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    Can't help but say I hear alot of stress in what you've written. I don't think you should force feed yourself any one item but it does sound like you could benefit from talking to someone.

    Not because you appear to have an eating disorder! But because you said this: you were pretty normal and outgoing before primal.

    Going primal & having that goal, (esp. one that I feel morally and spiritually is a pretty solid plan), can bring out some weird counterproductive focus. Almost like in the effort to get more balanced, you can hyper focus on food options. It's not unusual.

    Be kind to yourself, eat for pleasure. Cortisol can be a direct implication of deep stress. Go somewhere you can get it outta your head!
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