I'm a mom of 3 in Minnesota. This past winter was really tough, especially with my asthma and anxiety. It got so bad that I couldn't go outside for weeks. Finally one late sleepless night I decided I had enough, and started looking online for a solution. Someone mentioned the Primal Blueprint (I had borrowed the book before briefly but hadn't hit bottom then) and after a little more reading I started the next day.

Within 3 days I was feeling well enough to go outdoors and go places I hadn't gone to in months! This week is our second week Primal, and it's been awesome so far. I want to keep it up!

My husband is of hardy Scandinavian stock with some Southern mixed in and loves his sweets. Our boys take after him so it's challenging for us to try a new food plan! I'm already allergic to a long list of foods (dairy, fermented foods) so getting rid of grains and refined sugar was pretty easy.

Hope this journal will help us stay on a good path. I would love feedback from other parents who have gone Primal with their kids. It's tough to work around pickiness!