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    The body produces the equivalent amount of cholesterol that can be found in 7-10 eggs. Eating cholesterol has very little effect on cholesterol in the body, even the most CW books acknowledge that.

    Eating saturated fat (and lower carb consumption) does increase the the amount of cholesterol and cholesterol markers in the body. It raises HDL, raises LDL a bit and lowers trigs which encourages pattern A LDL which is big and fluffy.
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    As much as I adore the n=1 "I got healthy doing X" stories, no amount of them will equal science unfortunately. The populations with the most heart disease are omnivorous. So are the populations with the least heart disease.

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    If you aren't a spammer, then please do read up on the actual mechanisms of heart disease as updated from the 1950's "clogged pipe" theory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by savoyjfas View Post
    You don't need to consume cholesterol.

    No-one needs to do anything. Everything is optional. However some things have consequences.

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    Dietary cholesterol has basically no effect on the body. Its comes out in your chit as bile. Dietary cholesterol accounts for less than 8% of your bodys cholesterol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingofturtles View Post
    Dietary cholesterol has basically no effect on the body. Its comes out in your chit as bile. Dietary cholesterol accounts for less than 8% of your bodys cholesterol.
    That's true, but not everyone can produce all the cholesterol their brains and bodies need, especially when they deny themselves the building blocks, as in vegans. As much as 25% of the cholesterol you eat can be esterified when necessary and cross the gut/bloodstream barrier if you need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinau View Post
    Hi all,

    This is my opinion : All animal cells make cholesterol from saturated fats. That is why most people don't need extra cholesterol in their diet: their bodies make all that they need. Extra cholesterol from eating other animals just clogs things up.

    Now, how much cholesterol your cells make depends on a lot of factors. One, is genetics. Some people's cells make lots of cholesterol no matter what, while other people's bodies make very little. Another is the intake of saturated fats. Exercercise is another. So is sex, age, and waist circumference, and other factors mentioned.

    That's why your hubby has different cholesterol than you, and if he wants to lower it, the suggestion above could certainly help.
    Wow....where to start on that one.

    First sentence: Animal cells do not "make" cholesterol anymore than a human "makes" skin. Cholesterol is the major component of the cell membrane which allows for the existence of the cell. No skin = you die. No cholesterol = no cell.

    Second Sentence: Your "extra" cholesterol that you eat is in a very poorly absorbed form, as RichMahogany pointed out. It contributes about 5-10% of your overall levels.

    As for the second part....human breast milk is very high in cholesterol, and all of the fat you store is in saturated form. I highly doubt that your mother or your adipose cells are giving or harboring something which is damaging to your body. Evolution has a way of ending that kind of thing.

    The much more interesting question is the role of carbs and sugar intake on cholesterol levels. Hypercholesterol is indeed a part of the metabolic syndrome that is increasingly being implicated by our constant high-insulin state. (A great book on this subject is Dr. Robert Lustig's "Fat Chance", or lookup his Youtube video) The idea that your steak gives you metabolic syndrome has no evidence behind it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty321 View Post
    She said that the body's ability to produce its own cholesterol is yet another reason for choosing veganism. She said that she is totally healthy because her body already produces all the cholesterol that it needs on its own, so there is absolutely no need at all for her to ingest more cholesterol. Her logic seems to make sense, since the body can produce its own cholesterol. Thoughts?
    This thought came to me ( from what I've read):
    The three macro nutrients are:
    Proteins : there are some essential proteins (need to be eaten) as the body cant make them.
    Fats : there are some essential fats (need to be eaten) as the body cant make them.
    Carbs : there are NO essential carbs (need to be eaten) as the body CAN make glucose

    So perhaps if this is true in practice, someone eating ONLY animal products can say they have no need for vegetables/fruit (vegan foods) etc - It seems to be similar logic to me.

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    I just watched an interview with Dr. Lustig on Good Morning America. Does fiber really mitigate sugar intake? He also made reference to a classroom lecture on carbohydrate metabolism that in on You Tube but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone have a link?

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    Ok, so I just watched another video by Dr. Lustig, this one from a series:

    The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 3): Hunger and Hormones- A Vicious Cycle - YouTube

    which explains the connection between leptin and insulin and obesity. What i don't understand is why, in the first 40 years of my life I could eat all I want, including plenty of sugar and never gain weight, but now, if I follow the same diet I get fat.

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