Many of you probably read or saw his story on TV, a guy named David Smith changed his life around,lost over 400lbs and became fit,here's a picture of his before/after:

Amazing, right? what most of you don't know (like me, up until yesterday) is that this dude gained almost all of it back! can you imagine? going through all the hardships losing the weight, then facing multiple surgeries to fix all the loose skin he had, only to end up getting fat again a few years later.

He overcame the physical hurdles of loosing weight but not the psychological ones.

After I found out about it, I became demotivated, if this guy managed to become fit and then threw it all away in a few years, what chance do I have when I'm not even at the fit stage yet?? But then it hit me: this guy went through all that crap, is back at over 500lbs and he is willing to try again, I only have to loose a small fraction of that, if he can find motivation I sure as hell can.

It also showed me that losing weight is actually not about losing the weight, that's half the battle, the toughest part is the life changing habits you need to keep the weight off, that's what I like about paleo, it's something I see myself doing for the rest of my life, without feeling like I'm missing out on good tasting food or on being happy.

Here are a couple of videos, one from when he lost it and one when he gained it back and started again:

Any thoughts?