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Thread: Fish or Eggs? - need some advice . . please

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    Question Fish or Eggs? - need some advice . . please

    Hello Everybody,

    I have been vegetarian for 7 years and since being introduced to the paleo diet through a friend a few months ago I have been experimenting with it - incorporating some of the principles into my current diet as best as I can. I have cut out cereals, processed food and dairy and increased my intake of good quality veggie protein (mainly peanut butter, organic eggs, lentils and soya milk/yoghurt - I know the last two arent strictly paleo but I feel okay with that compromise) I did some calculations on my diet recently and found out that I am falling short of the amino acid methionine and the only ways I can see to fix that is to increase my egg intake from 6 a week to 30 or to include some fish/meat.

    I am trying to find out how these two options compare in terms of nutrition. I thought eating that many eggs could cause problems - there is a lot of evidence on the internet that you can eat as many eggs as you like though I'm not quite convinced - doesn't feel right. Also it seems there are certain nutrients e.g. Vitamin B12 that are only in meat in sufficient quantities and if I stuck to relying on eggs I could risk falling short.

    I am trying to weigh up the two options and not getting anywhere really - so would really appreciate some advice to help me settle this on


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