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Thread: Primal journey of a FFFF (Fat, frumpy, fiftish, female)

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    Red face Primal journey of a FFFF (Fat, frumpy, fiftish, female)

    Well hello there - yes that is me FAT, FRUMPY, FIFTISH, FEMALE.

    I live in the UK (Kent) and have been overweight nearly all my adult life with the weight piling on year after year. Diet after diet has failed, self help groups (including OA) and books have failed, exercise has failed and in general I feel a failure. My health is suffering and I am sure that my body age is much older than it is with all the aches and pains. I am not sure of my weight but I think it is about 120kgs or 18st 12lbs or 264lbs depending on where you live.

    I have toying with primal for a few months but have now decided to commit myself more fully. I thought I would start a journal to help me along with this as writing things down seems more final. Any guidance from more knowledgeable primals would be thoroughly appreciated. I have read Mark's book, stocked the larder with primal-friendly goods and am ready to go.

    This is my first fully primal day:

    Breakfast: 6 meatballs (no sauce) and a large tomato followed by two kiwi fruit
    Lunch: thick slice of turkey breast with a large salad (no dressing) and avocado
    Supper: will be an omlette with some more salad which I have prepared already.

    Throughout I have been drinking Earl Grey tea with a dash of semi skimmed milk and water.

    Exercise: have been walking around the office. I usually walk to and from work from the train station (about 20 mins each way) but I currently have very bad knee pain (arthritis) and am unable to walk very far. Hopefully, this will ease and I will be back to walking again. I used to do a lot of yoga but have trouble kneeling down and taking the weight on my knees.

    Still, this will change as I lose weight and I will feel like doing more exercise the lighter I get.

    Thank you for reading.

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