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Thread: Any cheap food ideas - Port Alberni, Vancouver Is, Canada?

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    Any cheap food ideas - Port Alberni, Vancouver Is, Canada?

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    Have a friend there on a tight budget, really tight, like eating processed meat sandwiches every meal.
    Is currently dealing with autoimmune disease and diet really isn't helping the cause.
    Any ideas to source cheap food, Primal or even Semi-Primal,
    Please help, any ideas welcome.

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    My mom leaves on V.Island, and she shops local farmer's markets/farmers' stalls for all her vegetables and looks for Value Packs for fish and meat in the Save on Foods etc. She also watches out for 30-50% off deals. There is a local butcher who sells her bones for the broth.

    Basically if one has time to shop the farms, VI has some awesome produce to offer.

    She says her grocery bill went up since she nixed bread, but not too badly. She is doing PHD more than paleo, and does eat rice and adds a fair bit of sweet potatoes. She is doing it to deal with inflammatory issues.
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