I'm sure this is old news to many, but my main struggle is sugary foods. I love to exercise via sprints and weight lifting, I have no problems staying away from the salty and gluten-heavy carbs, but sugar is my kryptonite. I'm relatively new to the forum, and many of the posts I've been reading make it seem so simple to make the switch to being a completely primal fat-burner!

I've tried the 'distracting myself' and eating other things when I'm craving sugar, but even after I have a full hearty meal I can't seem to stay away from it. When I eat it I feel awful but I can't resist the taste. I don't buy it, but when I'm going past a store sometimes I can't resist my cravings. Does anyone else or has anyone else had these problems? How can I cut sugar forever? I'm willing to give it up always if I have to, I just can't figure out how.