I decided to try this PB thing in an effort to cure a skin problem I have called perioral dermatitis. And oh yeah, I need to lose about 50 pounds.

I have been yo-yo dieting for about 20 years. I have been trying very hard to ditch the diet mentality, and have recently finally stopped counting calories and started thinking about eating a clean diet. But I always fall prey to the siren song of carby junk food.

I started eating primal 3 days ago, and it's going very well so far. I know I have a lot to learn, but I figured I may as well jump in and figure it out as I go. I haven't noticed much of a difference with my skin, but I've lost 4 pounds already and it's fantastic to feel like I can eat a good hearty amount instead of being deprived or starving.

I'm also sick of exercising myself to death, like it's a punishment. I really just enjoy slow exercise (walking, swimming), so I'm liking what I've been reading here!

My biggest problem is always focusing on what's wrong, what I'm not doing right, what I should/could be doing, instead of celebrating the small victories. I know that if I want to change, that has to change. So I thought a journal would be a good way to stay motivated ... perhaps you all can keep nudging me back toward the positive if I start getting down on myself.

Today I had:
B: Spinach/cucumber/flaxseed/fruit smoothie and a boiled egg
L: Big-ass salad: spring mix, cabbage, bell pepper, carrot, cherry tomatoes, about 3 oz. chicken breast, avocado, oil dressing
D: Turkey burger cooked in coconut oil, lettuce, tomato, avocado, baked sweet potato fries

I've been entering food into MyFitnessPal for the last few days, and I definitely could be eating more fat and protein and fewer carbs, but I feel pretty good so far. Just giving up grains and not eating chips every night is a HUGE transition for me. Even though I'm not counting calories, I was quite interested to see that MyFitnessPal says I've only been eating about 1200-1300 calories a day, which boggles my mind since I don't feel the least bit hungry. I'm at the point where I don't even think about eating anything after dinner even if I'm sitting and watching TV. Can this be real?

Anyway, glad to be here ... what a wealth of information! Any tips for newbies are appreciated. I am trying very hard to focus on progress, not perfection. Perfection is what got me fat in the first place. (Anyone else know what I mean?)