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Thread: New To It All

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    New To It All

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    Hi Primal Community!

    I am a long time reader, first time writer on MDA. I have just made the commitment to Primal Living, and I am so excited. I have a goal of losing 120 lbs, and actually being in shape for the first time in my adult life. Hope to hear from a few people on here with tips and wisdom to offer.

    Grok On!


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    Hello Schmeizo! (how is that pronounced by the way? - I'm guessing Shmeezo)

    Anyway... I wanted to give you a warm welcome. I'm brand new, as well. Only been Primal for a little over a week, but I am enjoying it and feeling great. I'm afraid I don't have any tips or wisdom to impart at this...except that if you want to show your picture or something next to your name (in your posts) add one as an avatar. But you probably know that already.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome Schmeizo! Grok on!
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