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Thread: Low-carb strength training

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    Low-carb strength training


    So I know there have been tons of threads related to this, but I am going to ask the question anyway because, for some reason, none of the threads really ask the same question I intend to or provide the answers for which I am looking.

    I have a couple of questions regarding nutritional guidelines as I try to gain muscle with minimal fat gain.

    I currently eat around 2200 kcal, 50-60 g/day carbs, 160 g/day protein, 150 g/day fat. I work out every morning doing bodyweight circuits (2 tbsp coconut oil 30 min. before right when I wake up, 1 orange and 1/2 lb chicken/turkey breast ASAP after). Beyond the orange, my carb intake is from about a half cup of nuts, a pound of greens, and around 2 tbsp of flaxseeds. My job is sedentary somedays (I try to stand and walk around instead of sitting when possible on these days), but some days I am walking around quite a bit. I do dabble with intermittent fasting on Saturday mornings (generally 16-17 hrs from end of Friday dinner). On the weekends, when I don't work out, I am taking in around 30-40 g/day of carbs and try to stay somewhat active going for walks, etc.

    Before this lifestyle I was lifting weights in the morning on the weekdays, taking in around 100 g/day carb (banana before work out and sweet potato afterwards, with chicken/turkey afterwards or sometimes before and afterwards) and was 6'0" and approximately 158 lbs. Since I've switched to lower carb and modified my workouts to be bodyweight circuit training, I am now around 147-148 lbs. This has happened over the course of, like, 8 weeks.

    I enjoy the lean look, but believe myself to be somewhat of twig now. I'm pretty cut, muscle-wise, but am still smaller overall than I'd like to be. I intend to begin strength training soon and am not trying to "bulk up", necessarily, but would like to slowly gain strength and size while not compromising definition. I would like to put on some of the lean muscle weight which I've lost, but am trying to minimize any fat gain (which, from what I've read, depends heavily on carb intake).

    Here are my questions:

    1) Can I switch to strength training, maintain my carb intake, and achieve my goals by virtue of solely increasing total calories through increased fat intake?

    2) If I do need to increase carb intake, should I do so with a single re-feed day or should I incorporate them into every training day?

    3) If I need to incorporate them into all training days, should I add them to my post workout only?

    4) Any other suggestions or questions regarding my goals and/or (current or future) routines would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, all!!
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